As China's reforms continue to unfold and its contacts with the outside world multiply, China's legal, economic and business environments have grown more complex. It has become more necessary than ever to carefully and thoroughly analyze the economic, regulatory, business and cultural settings that will influence the success of any dealings with China. Combining years of experience in working with the Chinese, Chinese language capabilities and an in-depth knowledge of China's legal, economic, cultural and business milieus, China Strategies, LLC brings to bear its strengths to enable its clients to realize their objectives in China.

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  1. On September 14, 2017, Lou commented on the how China’s hosting of the 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the {United Nations Convention on Controlling Desertification} continues to solidly its leadership on climate and the environment.

  2. Since Suniva, Inc. filed its case with the International Trade Commission (ITC) in April 2017 alleging that imports of solar cells and modules from overseas manufacturers (primarily China) had resulted in serious harm to U.S. domestic manufacturers, the Section 201 trade case has roiled the solar industry in the US and China. Now that the ITC unanimously found on Sept. 22 that overseas manufacturers’ actions have resulted in serious harm to the U.S. solar manufacturing sector, the stage appears to be set for the Trump Administration to impose tariffs. Unfortunately, China is in a much better position to weather this unproductive trade skirmish than the U.S. Read Lou’s article in Renewable Energy World here.

  3. Lou recently gave an update on the maturation of China’s Low Carbon Cities Demonstration Project to a Nationwide Program.

  4. In an article published on Sunday February 28, 2016 in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Lou offers a nuanced view of how intellectual property theft fits into the on-going narrative of China’s rapid economic growth.

  5. In an article published in Renewable Energy World on February 19, 2016, Lou illustrates how Chinese IP theft often results in self-destructive “blowback” on the Chinese perpetrator.

  6. An article Lou wrote about the Chinese renewable energy industry figured prominently in a January 2016 60 Minutes report on the widespread practice of Chinese hacking into the computer systems of American companies (“How China’s Spies Can Watch You at Your Desk”). In an article posted on January 18, 2016, Renewable Energy World, the on-line publication that originally published Lou’s article, interviewed Lou about the 60 Minutes report.

  7. Lou served as the moderator of the Energy Panel at the fourth annual CMU Summit: US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum which was held at Carnegie Mellon University in April 2015.

  8. In January 2015, Lou was profiled for the Greater China Initiatives of Pittsburgh’s Idea Foundry (Chinese language only)

  9. In an article published on Sunday October 5, 2014 in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Lou discusses Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign and how that is changing the environment for doing business in China.

  10. In an article published on July 1, 2014, in Renewable Energy World, Lou discusses how Chinese renewable energy policy-making, by keeping pace with the still blistering rate of growth of renewable energy in China, will ensure that China reaches its clean energy objectives more rapidly.

  11. Lou served as the moderator of the Energy Panel at the third annual CMU Summit: US-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum which was held at Carnegie Mellon University in April 2014.

  12. In an April 4, 2014 article in the People’s Daily, Lou discusses how China’s own shale gas development program can benefit from Pennsylvania’s experience developing the Marcellus shale formation (Chinese language only).

  13. Lou is quoted in a February 7, 2014 Article in Tencent (腾讯财) about how changes in Pittsburgh’s economy over the last century can animate the discussion about China’s own economic restructuring (Chinese language only).

  14. In an article and accompanying translation in the January 19, 2014 Sunday Forum section of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Lou describes how Beijing is studying Pittsburgh’s experience in transforming its economy to inform Chinese policy-makers about China’s own economic restructuring .

  15. In a December 23, 2013 article in the People’s Daily, Lou was quoted about how Pittsburgh’s experience can serve as a reference point for China’s industrial transformation (Chinese language only).

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